100 Baby Challenge

100 babies?!? Yikes!

I’m starting a new challenge today, which will be posted as a series of Let’s Plays on Youtube, and possibly some live streams on Twitch.

I’ll list them all here as they happen, but for now, let’s review the basics…

The Sims 4 100 Baby Challenge was created/adapted by The Simming Witch. Your objective is to birth and raise up 100 babies in as few generations as possible, no mods or cheats allowed.

Base Rules
These rules apply to everyone, regardless of which packs you own. If you don’t own any add-on packs, you can just use these rules and disregard the other sections.
You must play with aging on and set to a normal lifespan. Auto-Aging for NPCs is encouraged to ensure the game keeps generating donors for your matriarch.

Any mods or CC that give you an unfair advantage over other players are not allowed. Mods that allow you to overstuff your household or gain money through child support payments are definitely not allowed.

No cheats! The only exceptions to this are bb.moveobjects on for creative building purposes and cheating to resolve glitches.

If a lot your matriarch moves into has existing lot traits, you may not edit or add to them. If your lot has no lot traits, you may pick three traits but your decision is permanent. You cannot change them after.
All in-game rewards from completing aspirations and social events may be used except ones that prolong your Sim’s lifespan or save them from death.

Babies cannot be aged up until you get a notification saying that it is their birthday.

Toddlers can be aged up when they reach level 3 in all toddler skills.

Children and teenagers can be aged up when they get an A in school.

Young adults can be moved out of the house to make room for more children but they cannot be moved back in after.

When your matriarch becomes an elder and can no longer bear children, her youngest daughter takes over as the next matriarch. You may move out your elderly matriarch only if her youngest daughter has become a young adult.

You cannot make more room in the house faster by killing off underage Sims or letting babies, toddlers or children be taken by social services. Raise your children to adulthood. Simple.

Your matriarchs may register as self-employed but cannot have a career. They must make money at home through one of the skills.

Teenagers may hold part-time jobs to help support the family and bring in extra income.

Your matriarch may leave her home lot freely. She does not have to bring all her children with her whenever she leaves the lot.

Your matriarch may not get married while she is of child-bearing age. She may get married as an elder but she must move out of the home with her spouse. They can’t move into the active household.

Your matriarch may not get pregnant by the same donor twice. Once he has impregnated your Sim once, he cannot be used again for more children.

Donors may not contribute to the household in any way. They may not move in, help look after the children or provide any financial aid to the household. Your matriarch is responsible for supporting all her children by herself.

Your matriarch may not influence the gender of her children. Avoid strawberries, carrots, pop music, and alternative music to avoid influencing the gender of unborn babies.

Use Pinstar’s random trait generator or createarandomsim.com to randomly assign traits to your matriarch’s children. You cannot cherry pick their traits.
You may hire maids, gardeners, and repair technicians, but you may not hire a nanny. Take care of your own children. You may hire caterers and mixologists but only for parties.

For complete rules, go here to the official page for the challenge.

I’m going to admit, I am equally excited and nervous to try this challenge. I’ve never done it before even though it’s been around for a while. I think the most babies I’ve had a sim raise was 10, and that was in the Sims 2, with Brandi Broke and her 2nd husband, Leo Deppiesse. They made a great couple and Brandi was perma Platinum because she completed that 10 Kid Lifetime Want. It was awesome!

Which leads me to my Matriarch for this Challenge… may I introduce to you…

Brandi Newbie (aka Brandi Broke before she married Skip. 🙂

Brandi is the daughter of Betty and Bob Newbie, and if you’re a long-term veteran Simmer like me, you know that she goes on to marry Skip Broke and raise his three children, Dustin, Beau and whatever the baby she’s programmed to have winds up being.

For this challenge, I’ve recreated her using the Bob & Betty that EA/Maxi gave us a few weeks ago, and here she is as a single YA.

She’s Romantic, Family Oriented and Creative and hopes for a Big Happy Family. I feel that encapsulates the essence of who Brandi Newbie (Broke) is, was, and always will be. You could also choose the Soulmates Aspiration, because that would be her looking for a lifetime love. But I felt that would be cruel in a game where she can’t marry until she’s done with her child-bearing years.

Please join me in wishing Brandi good luck! (And wish me good luck, too, cuz I’m gonna need it! Eeep!)

Let’s Play Index

Episode 1 – Brandi Newbie in Strangerville

Episode 2 – with Don Lothario

Episode 3 – with Dylan and Gardening

Episode 4 – in which babies age up