Aaron York Builds Newcrest

Meet ‘Aaron York’ a young adult with a troubled past, a questionable present and an unsettled future.  His backstory is sketchy, but classified, because there are people on the streets of San Myshuno who would be a little too interested in finding out where he is now.  All anyone needs to know is that he is on path to either redemption or condemnation.

His goal… to build up Newcrest from the ground up, starting with a park. Fitting when you consider his departure from San Myshuno involved destruction of public/community property and thankfully no fatalities.

Aaron is bookworm and a kleptomaniac who hates children.

The Challenge – Build Newcrest Legacy Challenge:

Both the cities of Willow Creek and Oasis Springs have suffered from a severe economic downfall and a major increase in violence, pretty much think Gotham City before Batman cleaned it up. Your sim wants to start a legacy but they think that both towns are too dangerous to start and raise 10 generations of a family in. They have heard that Simsville is expanding the suburbs around the Willow Creek area into a new city called Newcrest and they are looking for sims to settle this new town!

Your sim immediately signs up and since they are actually the first to sign up they are declared the unofficial mayor of Newcrest and it is going to be their responsibility to build the city of Newcrest from the ground up!

Rules are here: https://buildnewcrestchallenge.wordpress.com/rules/

Generation 1

Aaron York
Aaron York, founder of the York Legacy, tasked with rebuilding his life by building a community.



Your founding sim is just starting out and has a huge struggle ahead of them. They feel that the best way to start building a community in their new home of Newcrest is with a community park.

Rules:  Choose your starting lot carefully because this lot will be turned into the local park once you have completed gen 1

You must choose the Freelance Botanist aspiration for your founding sim.

You sim may pick from any of these jobs for gen 1.

  • Criminal (Oracle branch)
  • Culinary (Chef branch)
  • Painter (Patron of the Arts)

You must grow at least 8 plants to perfect quality be the end of the generation.

Once your aspiration is complete, you may now build your Park! To do this sell or keep all your furniture in the family inventory. Leave the plants on the lot and evict the sim, change the lot type to park and then build (or download one) a local park for future generations to enjoy. The park must have your 8 perfect plants that your founder grew in it. You are welcome to plant more plants for the park if you want.


Chapters: 1.0, 1.1, 1.2, 1.3

Generation 2

Booth York, the Gen 2 heir (amd only child), tasked with building up the first housing projects and filling the houses with kids. 🙂



This sim’s aspiration is to have a big happy family, they need some houses to live in though! Build the affordable starter home neighborhood (you can pick any 1 of the 3 hoods) and then watch in satisfaction as your big happy family moves into the neighborhood.


Build the neighborhood first. No house may cost more than $55,000 simoleons to buy and 2 houses must be under $20,000 simoleons. Move your family into any house they can afford in this neighborhood.

Your sim may pick from any of these jobs for gen 2:

  • Criminal (Oracle branch)
  • Culinary (Chef branch)
  • Painter (Patron of the Arts)
  • Writer (Journalist branch)
  • Any of the GTW Careers

As their children age up into young adults move them out into the new neighborhood you created for them. Use the manage households, then create a new household and move them out that way, then they will get their $20,000 starting money.

Once your aspiration is complete so is generation 2

Chapters: 2.0,