Black Widow, 1.0

Sable De’Athe is an Evil, Materialistic Romantic, whose goal in life is to become a Mansion Baron without all the hassle of having an actual job.

Sable has always dreamed of living in the lap of luxury and she’s set her sights on the sleepy little hamlet of Windenburg. It’s got ‘classic, old world charm’ written all over it.

the house could use some sprucing up, though. Too bad she blew most her money on buying it.

The Windenburg Welcoming Committee arrived to greet her and make her feel at home in her new neighborhood. They were all nice, but Sable found herself drawn to the handsome Paulo Rocca. He’s the one who was thoughtful enough to bring her a yummy fruitcake for her first night in her new home.

Not long afterward, Sable met Jacques Villareal. Jacques is a native of Windenburg, a widower and the father to three children. Two of whom are teens.

They spend long hours talking about little trivial things. Jacques avoids mention of his wife. Sable believes that it’s a sensitive subject for him. They instead talk about how much his children have changed since she died and how much he misses the days when they were little and fun to be around.

She feels inexplicably drawn to him, but he rejects her advances, and says that maybe, because of their age difference, they just need to be friends.

And the there was Paulo.

When Jacques decreed they should be ‘just friends’ Paulo was there. He understood that a lonely young woman, new in town, needed companionship.

Soon, their friendship blossomed into more than just friendship. Paulo was young and hot-blooded and Sable was unable to resist his charms. Or else he was unable to resist hers.

After a night of passion, she asked if he would consider marrying her. Normally, this is a thing the guy asks the woman, but Sable was moved to ask it of him.

They quickly consummate their marriage.