Catchick “Box of Chocolates Legacy”


My founder is Allie Catchick. She is a single young woman whom Life has treated very badly. She was barely started with college when she was diagnosed with cancer and began chemo treatments for it. Her boyfriend dumped her, and she dropped out of college. In the midde of all this, her parents die in a car accident, leaving her the sole guardian of her two younger sister’s Feather and Beezus. (I opted for the Additional Sims on startup option, and it rolled me ‘two sisters’.)

The sisters are still reeling from the death of their parents when they are told that they have inherited a piece of land in Newcrest. it’s ALL they got from their parents. Literally.


The Two Weeks


Big Events

It’s Contageous

First Comes Love, Then Comes Marriage, Then Comes…

Baby Blues

Life’s Unexpected Twists


Sugar Skulls

New Lives

Catching Up

Trading Spaces

Mid Life Crisis?

Hello, Death, My Old friend