Drifter Challenge – House 4, Ch. 2

Oh, hello! I didn’t see you all there because I was exploring the area on my bike.

Work is going well. I am learning a lot of the field of science and scientific discovery. I’ve been delving into inventing, and also botanical science.

Salvatore and I are becoming even closer as friends. I feel lucky to have him, especially now. I recently learned that my father, a man I thought was so young and strong, had passed away. And no, not like we all thought – from the Cow Plant – or Laganaphyllis Simnovorii as we in the scientific community call what my great-grandfather discovered so long ago.

No, my father died of old age. I knew he was looking older the last time I saw him, but he assured me that he was fine. Elias tells me that Dad left a Will, and that he, Mom and I are all named in it, but there is so much paperwork, that he – as the executor – might need months to work it all out.

In the meantime, I am filled with grief for the loss of my father and Salvatore often comforts me. It’s risky, getting so close to someone you work with, but I will not turn down the hugs if they are offered.

At home, I am working on my own gardening. It helps to pass the time, and I hope that through my research, I can add exotic plants to my collection.

Elias has been sending me boxes of our father’s old things. Journals from his time carrying out our family’s Mission. Journals from the others as well. Our grandmother, our great-grandfather.

The gardening gives me time to think as I digest all of it. All of it.

Dad had secrets. A shiver goes down my spine as I think about how danger that Laganaphyllis Simnovorii really had been. And how… well, he had a different life. A different family. Everything and then… it was gone.

The Celestials brought him back, because our family work had to continue. But he had to rebuild everything.

There are pages and pages that talk about his struggle to reconnect with his first wife, Aleah. To recreate the family that he lost. Falling in love with Mom, and still almost screwing it all up. There is so much to piece through and I don’t know how to process it all.

In the middle of all of this confusion, Salvatore and I were sent to do research in the jungles of Selvadorada.

There was research, to be sure, and I brought home a lot of new samples for my research. So did he.

But I don’t know if it was my mixed-up emotions over the many revelations of my father’s journals, or the romantic waterfalls near our base camp, but we wound up going a little further than maybe we should have.

Okay… further than we definitely should have.

When we return, I am greeted to a promotion and some much needed funds to continue my research ( and my house). I am slowly outgrowing the little garage shack I have been living in since winter.

There was also a Registered Letter from an attorney, asking me to come and meet with him and Elias. The issue of Dad’s Will had finally been resolved. We were each to inherit a little bit a significant sum from his passing. $20,000 to be precise.

I wanted to refuse it. Elias said that Dad wouldn’t want me to. He would want me to use it to further my research. Build my home. Achieve something. I had a lot to think about by the time I got home.