Drifter Challenge – House 4, Ch. 3

I had my first visit from the Celestials. It seems to happen at least once or twice a generation in my family. They pop in, scoop one of us up, and return us a tidbit of knowledge. Or… sometimes a baby to help guide us.

I was not gifted with a baby to guide me. Instead, I was told that I was straying into unknown territory with my scientific research. I was warned that my co-workers would want to out the Celestials who lived among them, like my brother, and that, if I was not careful, I would harm more than I would help.

“What am I supposed to do?” I wondered aloud.

The Celestials were vague. Live your life. Continue your research, but above all, do not compromise your Mission.

Well, great. Whatever that means. I didn’t know.

What I did know, was that life was marching on around me. Since our return from jungles of Selvadorada, I have felt … off. It may have been just the final closure with my father’s Will, or it may have been something else. At Salvatore’s prompting, I went to see a doctor.

And then I decided that I had better use some of Dad’s money after all. I was living in a garage, and someday (maybe soon) that little garage might not be the best place for me.

Salvatore was very encouraging of my plans to build a house. He came over a lot to help me with it, and … well… we did kind of pick up where we left off in the jungle. I cannot seem to help myself when it comes to him. All logic goes out the window when he is around.

As things progress, I realize that – intimate things aside – I enjoy having Salvatore in my life. I don’t like being lonely at home, and would welcome the company.

Salvatore feels the same way, and he agrees to move in with me.

Now, if only I knew how to tell him about other thing. The secret I’ve been carrying around since I went to the doctor.

While I struggle with how to say it, I begin another project. The construction of a rocket. While I got the idea at work, my goal is to explore the heavens on my own. Meet with the Celestials when I decide, not on their terms, and bring back new specimens for my research.

My space exploration is grounded, however, in a few short months.

My ‘condition’ was rapidly progressing, and I could no longer hide the truth. I was pregnant.

I finally had to tell Salvatore, and I was so afraid because as much as I loved him and I thought he loved me, he was a very rational and science-oriented man. It was with fear in my heart that I finally sat him down to talk about it.

“I wondered,” he said when I was finished showing him the doctor’s finding and ultrasounds. “It’s mine.”

Not a question.

“Of course. I’ve been with no one else.” I wanted no one else.

He nodded and took my hand in his own. “Delia, I don’t know if I am the marrying kind. I’ve always been married to my work. You know how it is.”

I did know. In many ways, I felt the same way. A baby would have needed to come anyway, eventually, but this was not how I’d envisioned it.

“But I do care about you,” he continued. “I dare say, I love you. I think you feel the same?”

“I do!” I told him, feeling hope return.

“Then, who is to say we cannot remain as we are and raise our child together? Build a life?”

I liked that idea. I liked it a lot.

Time passed.

Because of our new relationship, Salvatore was transferred to another lab. We no longer worked together, but still in the same field. I missed him, and spent a lot of time wishing he was there to share in my accomplishments. During that time, I invented great things. Including a portal which might be able to reach other worlds.

At last, our baby was born. A daughter whom I named Elaine. She is a full spellcaster.

I feel a guilty twinge when I see her in her bassinet. A gift from the Sages which appeared on the doorstep with a note honoring her birth. I have done nothing with Magick since my father gifted me with Rite of Ascension. Nothing at all. My entire focus has been up science and research.

Have I forgotten who I am? Can I raise a spellcaster daughter if I cannot do it myself?