Drifter Challenge – House 4, Ch. 4

The last time we spoke, I told you about the portal I had created.

Well, I did it. I upgraded the thing enough that I could contact other worlds. At first, it was just sound waves. But then one day, a visitor followed me through. She did not stay long if, in fact, it was a ‘she’ but vanished soon after arriving.

I regretted not getting the opportunity to speak to her at all. I wanted to know so much. For example, was she a Celestial like my brother Elias, or one of the other beings I have encountered in my space travels.

That night, however, I was yet again sucked up by the Celestials, who again warned me to take heed in what I was doing. They urged me to speak to my brother, and not to trust everything that comes out of that portal.

Winter has returned to Willow Creek. My family has never really celebrated Winterfest, being that we are from the Magic Realm, Salvatore’s family did. We always exchanged gifts, but it was with little decoration of fanfare. I’d never even seen a Winterfest tree before! Imagine my surprise when this jolly and festive fellow arrived and gave everyone presents?

Salvatore encouraged it, of course, because he said as far as traditions go, Winterfest isn’t a bad one, and our Elaine is growing up now. She should enjoy all the perks of childhood.

I do agree with him there. Having Elaine in our lives has changed the dynamics of our little household. It is no longer all about research or work. Salvatore and I both work hard to ensure she has a happy life and is well taken care of.

I often take her to the park in Oasis Springs. I wish it had been there when I was her age, but I do enjoy sharing memories of going there with my father. And I love seeing her learn, play and explore.

Sooner than realize, it is time for her to become a child and go to school. We celebrate her birthday with cake and then another trip to the park. It is good to unwind and have some fun.