Drifter Challenge – House 4, Ch. 5

This is Sixam, the home-world of the Celestials. It’s so beautiful and for a moment, I wish my brother Elias could see it. I have often wondered if the Celestial hybrids who dwell here have the capabilities to go there. It took me so long to create and refine the portal in our lab. Could Elias have one this?

It’s so beautiful here, and I spend days exploring and taking samples. I wonder how these new plants and minerals will help in our on-going mission? Can I splice them to create new plants? I cannot wait to take some of them home to Salvator and see what we can do with them!

It’s not long after my first trip to Sixam that the Celestials pay me a visit of their own. They haven’t been… not as frequently as they did with previous generations of my family.

This time, I am warned that an old threat will resurface… the vampires. My father defeated them once. Once I returned home, I poured over his journals to learn how he managed it.

He, of course, used magic. I am not as proficient as I should be. I will not be able to use Magic to combat them.

Salvatore suggests that I use my own strengths and together, we begin research into vampire lore. It’s not something his brain is geared for. He is very scientifically minded, but he still helps me make lists of their strengths and weaknesses.

It is the vampire Lilith who seeks us out. My father had notes on her. I use my freeze ray on her, and she remains in a frozen block of ice … which gradually melts… and once she is free, she fleas.

I pray that she will not return.

The main reason for my prayers… I am pregnant now. I feel in my heart it is a Celestial child, and not born of my husband, Salvatore.

I was right, of course, the baby, another girl whom I named Fiona, came to us with a cradle pod announcing her Celestial origins. She looks nothing like me, but I love her anyway.

Welcome to our world, Fiona Caine!