Drifter Challenge – House 4, Ch. 6

We celebrated two birthdays recently.

The first, my husband and life mate, Salvatore, became an elder. He has always been older than I am, but I never felt it so much as now. It does not help that pregnancy and child birth extend my age. But I am so young now and worry that we will not be able to spend our twilight years together.

He tells me not to worry, so I try not to.

Instead, I focus on Elaine’s birthday. She is a teenager now. No longer a child.

She’s beautiful and smart and even though she is more interested in art than sciences, she still takes the time to play chess and video games with her parents. I use this time to talk to her about the challenges of being in our family and how, when the time is right, she will be given a Vision to guide her into the future.

Like a typical teenager, she rolled her eyes at me.

She has to share a room with her sister, now that Fiona is no longer a baby. We put the toddler upstairs in their loft.

Elaine is not overly thrilled with this and keeps asking with we can turn the garage into a bedroom for her. The garage has always been the ‘lab’ where Salvatore and I do our own private research. We feel we should be able to keep it, and are now butting heads with our very strong-willed daughter.

Soon, its time for Fiona to grow up, as well.

She becomes a very beautiful little girl. She does not,oddly enough, exhibit any signs of being a Celestial. She has none of the innate abilities that Elias has, nor does she have an other-worldly form. She just looks … normal.

Elias has come to see her several times and he believes that she is more human than Celestial. Or that maybe the Celestials implanted a human baby inside me rather than one of their own. He does not know.

Regardless… she is my child and all beautiful.

Winter is returning to Willow Creek.

I look around and remember those cold, cold first nights here alone. Struggling through the elements in what amounted to little more than an empty shed.

It makes me shiver.

Inside our house, we are preparing for Winterfest… Fiona’s first. Winterfest is still awkward for me, coming from a family who only exchanged gifts, but never went all out with decorations. But the kids do enjoy it, so Salvatore and I always have. Fiona is no exception to this. She loves the lights and the holiday tree. She stayed up all night to meet Father Winter.

And soon, it is time for my birthday as well.

I become an elder, like Salvatore, but still feel young at heart.

I decide to retire now, and no longer work in the lab. Salvatore has already done so, as we really do not need to work. We both have generous retirements and I have all the money from things I have found in my explorations and sold to the museums.

It was a difficult decision to make, but one, once made, I felt immediately at peace with.

It is time to enjoy my family, and the time I have left with Salvatore.