Drifter Challenge – House 5, Ch. 2

The thing to remember is that, being five generations into our family’s Mission, that a lot of changes have taken place since Austin Caine first set foot in the abandoned desert town of Oasis Springs.

It isn’t as abandoned as it used to be.

My family has built two houses in two different areas of Oasis Springs. For a while, my family still occupied both of them, but as generations passed, the first one, built by Austin Caine, passed into the hands of others… people who came to live here because it was starting to look safe again.

This one, however, is owned by the family. My uncle, Elias Caine, still lives here with his wife, Julia Irving.

I brought Angel here as a part of explaining to him about the history of our family and this land. Our Mission.

Uncle Elias has always been apart of my life. He visited us in our house in Willow Creek often. He welcomed Angel and I into his home and told us to feel free to visit anytime we needed anything. He had dinner there often, and a few times, when the weather was bad, I was welcomed to sleep on the couch.

“That way,” he said, “I can tell your mother that I’m taking care of you.”

Uncle Elias is a Celestial. I have never seen him in his Celestial form. My mother has. This is because they are permitted from sharing their true form with people outside their immediate family. It’s rule and one that I cannot change.*


Spending time with Uncle Elias is wonderful. It makes me like this place could really be home someday.

We sit and talk about work and how the house is coming along.

Both Angel and I are artists. We work for the museum in nearby Windenburg, as well as sell our own art work on the side. We also have our own art club that meets once a week in Newcrest. We paint and talk about art and view art. We sell the art we create there, too.

And I’ve taken up photography, as well. I love taking pictures of different people and things. Here is a sample of some of the pictures I have taken since arriving in Oasis Springs.

Doesn’t Dad look handsome in his green workout shirt?

I have a confession to make… you see the girl Angel is talking to? She was flirting with him. He barely noticed, because he’s not that way… but I did. Maybe it’s because we spend so much time together … but I found myself getting a little jealous the more I listened to them. I guess I might be developing a little bit of a crush on my new roommate.

*Simmer’s Note: I have MCCC set to have the aliens stay in disguise if non-playable. Hence I don’t know why I never addressed it before in-story, but if you’re wondering why Elias doesn’t look like his usual purple-alien self, this is why.