Drifter Challenge – House 5, Ch. 6

Why else would you Vision bring us together?

That’s what Angel asked me the night I declared my love for him, and he declared his for me. Things happened fast between us after that. We’d already been living together, already comfortable with one another. It only made sense that we take things to the next level.

I have to admit that being with Angel made me happy. Happier than I had ever been.

It wasn’t too long before the results of our love revealed itself. I was pregnant. We were going to be parents again. Yes, I do consider Brody and Brielle to be every bit as much mine as they are Angel’s. I help out with them all the time anyway.

Soon my baby… well, babies are born. Twins. A boy named Finn and a girl name Gael. They run in my family, I am told. Gael was gifted with the special bassinette which indicates she might be a spellcaster by heritage. This, obviously, also runs in our family.

I look at them and cannot help but wonder what their lives will be like. One of them is going to carry on the family’s Mission. Which will it be? What will they look like? Who will they become?

Al of these questions and so much more roll around in my head. But I don’t let them boggle me down or become obsession. Life is still happening all around me.

Brody and Brielle grow and become toddlers.

They present a different sort of challenge for us. While I grew up having a younger sister and know a little about helping with babies, Angel has never experienced ‘Dry Earth babies.’ Things like needing baths and using a training toilet are not things he has considered. Not things he knew that toddlers needed.

There are times when I feel overwhelmed. With two sets of twins in the house, work, and me putting on baby weight that I cannot seem to shake … I am stressed. Jogging helps a little with the weight and the stress.

It also gives me time to think.

We need to hire a maid. Between work and the kids, both Angel and I frazzled.

One night, after returning from a jog, I mention it to him. He agrees… someone to help out would be great. Maybe even a gardener to help with the small grove of lemon trees we planted when we first moved in?

I agree, and we hire both a maid and a gardener. At this point in our careers, we can both afford it, so why not?

Time passes… and soon it’s time for Brody and Brielle to become children. I am off work that day and make their cake for them.

It clearly annoyed the maid, who kept trying to put it in the refrigerator BEFORE we could blow out the cake.

I’d consider firing her and asking the agency for a new one… except she scares me just a little.