Drifter Challenger – House 4, Ch. 7

Tradition being tradition, as soon as the weather is nice enough, we head to the park in Oasis Springs to hang out. Elias meets us there and we spend the long, glorious day skating and playing chess. Fiona runs off with some kids and plays on the swings.

Salvatore and I try our hand at horseshoes.

At home, it is still ridiculously cold, so the park in Oasis Springs was a good way to warm up and also have some fun.

Elias comes to visit often now. He is my older brother, and says he knows that his days may soon be numbered as well. I welcome this time with him, and enjoy listening to him and Salvatore debate any number of issues.

Speaking of issues… well, not really an issue, but the thing is… Salvatore and I have been discussing a major change in our lives. We both have expressed a desire to have a son. But, being in our elder years now, that is well outside the natural realm of possibilities.

We could, however, adopt a child. And after discussing it our children, we decide to do just that.

After we call the adoption agency, we make haste to convert the ‘lab’ in the garage into a living space. We’re going to let Elaine sleep there and put her new brother upstairs with Fiona.

The new Murphy bed proves difficult for Salvatore to put up and down. It’s going to take some practice!

Finally, the big day arrives.

Salvatore and I are both very nervous as we wait to greet our new son. We optioned for a child, not a toddler or baby.

His name is Leon, and although he is hesitant too, he allows us to hug him and welcome him into our homes.

Soon, it feels like he has always been with us. He is active and bright, and loves to go to the park with us and play.

Even the girls love him.

His presence helps make it easy for me to get used to the idea that soon, Elaine will be celebrating her birthday and leaving us.

I feel like I have failed her because I barely gave her any instruction in the ways of Magic. I don’t use them myself, as much as I should. But she says she is ready.

Her birthday comes and celebrate with cake.

I know that I will miss my daughter. She has not spoken of her Vision, just that she is, as she said, ready to take up her mantel and continue our work. I can only send her out into the world with all of my love and support. Hoping that I have done my best by her, and praying for a future we can be proud of.