Keeping Up With The Joneses

Welcome to Keeping Up With the Joneses, aka my new Sims 4 Legacy.

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The incredibly handsome fellow is Dan Jones, my founder of this Legacy, and he and his progeny will be using Equality – Modern – Living Will as their succession laws.  This means that the heir can be either gender, adopted or natural, and must be the one with the highest relationship to their founder/previous heir.    All other rules for the Legacy Challenge can be found here.

Family Trees

Jones Legacy - Gen 1

Our Story So Far

Gen 1

Beginning of a Legacy

Bunny Slippers

New Domestic Arrangements

Life’s Big Events


Family Life is Great

Twins!!!  And Stuff Like That

The Broken Dollhouse

Light Begins to Fade

Dan’s Final Stats

Naming An Heir

Gen 2


Still Reeling

Life Goes On At Last

An Eligible Bachelor



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