Lothario: a Legacy

A very long time ago, back in the days of The Sims 3, some friends and I started devising a very interest way to torture Don Lothario.   He’s fun to mess with, trust me.

We called it the Slutty Don Challenge.

Recently, the idea was revisited for the Sims 4, and have evolved into a Lothario Legacy.

Generation 1:

Don Lothario the Man, the Myth, the Legend

Story:  Lothario, a Legacy Begins 
Ladies Man
Family Man?
The Meaning of It All
Life Marches Onward
Changing of the Guard

The Brindleton
Don’s Children

The Ladies

The Offspring

03-13-18_6-35-19 PM
Nina Caliente
 Anita Caliente

03-13-18_8-07-06 PM
Katrina Caliente
 Alexus Caliente

03-13-18_8-14-10 PM
Dina Caliente
 Michaela Caliente

Wesley Caliente

Cliff Caliente

03-13-18_7-49-53 PM
Catarina Lynx Lothario
 Nestor Lothario

Korey Lothario

Jase Lothario

03-13-18_8-45-12 PM
Tierra McMillan
 Christen McMillan

03-14-18_9-06-22 AM
Katelyn Baughman
 Arthur Baughman

03-15-18_2-32-14 PM
Eliza Pancakes
 Lamar Pancakes

03-15-18_10-57-01 PM
Angela Arellano
 Guy Arellano
 Alien Abduction #1  Tobias Lothario
 Alien Abduction #2  Celeste Lothario
 Alien Abduction #3  Diana Lothario
 Total:  15 children 

Don’s Points:

1 point per child born = 15
2 points per alien child born = 6
Total points = 21.

Generation 2: Cliff Lothario