Midnight Sun Challenge

You don’t remember much of what happened but the cruise ship sank, your lifeboat broke, and you ended up here. What a lucky life, don’t you think?

That’s the opening line of the newest challenge I’ve discovered, the Midnight Sun Challenge. I got started on it after watching Llandros09’s and sweetnightingale2907’s stuff on YouTube.  Very entertaining, so if you have time, go check them out.


I may do more than one of these someday.  It’s 5 gen challenge to live on a deserted island with no one else around.  The challenge page offers 3 versions of the World.  Two base base and one for Island Paradise.  One comes with a lighting mod of some kind that makes the sun shine forever, hence the name of the challenge – Midnight Sun.

I opted not to use that mod, and just omitted Winter, extending Spring and Summer to the full 28-day cycle.  I’m using only cheats geared to get rid of strays, spawned animals and random visitors.



Biron Prescott ~ Our Castaway

Adventurous ~ Clumsy ~ Loves the Heat ~ Loves the Outdoors ~ Unstable

Favs:  Songwriter (music) ~ Lobster Thermador ~ Aqua

LTW:  Renaissance Sim (reach level 10 of 3 Skills)

I chose Traits I thought would be the 1) useful and 2) realistic, given the circumstances.  He loves the heat and outdoors because those will help him survive on an island with little to no shelter.  He’s adventurous, otherwise he won’t have any fun going to the WA destinations to find stuff, and he’s a little bit clumsy because I never use that ever… and he’s a little bit unstable because I figure a person would be after being stuck on an island all by themselves.  I have no clue which EP that trait came from, but I hope it makes for interesting game play!

You can follow along with his adventures here:  Castaway:  Biron Prescott’s Midnight Sun Adventures  (in chrono order, start at the top)


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