Off-The-Grid Legacy Challenge

The Off-The-Grid Legacy Challenge

by ChillyzGrrl

Since Island Living came out, I’ve been looking for a challenge to take advantage of the new Off-The-Grid lot trait.   There are a couple of challenges, but some are older, and some don’t incorporate the legacy-style (playing one family for generations) that I usually follow in my game-play.   So, I decided to create my own.  

This is a “legacy style” challenge, but in anticipation of it being harder to live off-the-grid, I’m breaking into three levels, Half, Mid-Range, and Full.  More on that later. 🙂

The Basics

Your founder can be any Sim you chose, with any traits, looks, aspirations you desire.   (I would personally avoid ones having to do with technology, for the obvious reasons, but it’s not necessary).  

Place your founder on any EMPTY lot of your choice, in any world/neighborhood of your choice.  It should be at least a 30×20, but you go with what works for you. If there is a house on the lot, bulldoze it prior to your start. 

Lot MUST have the Off-the-Grid lot trait. Any others are your choice, but it must have that one.  

After you move into your lot, use CTRL+SHIFT+C to open the cheat box and use the money cheat ( money x, where x is an $-amount) to make your household funds $1000.   So… money 1000. This is seed money, to help you get started in your new life.  

NO CHEATS.  You may use MCCC or mods to help fix bugs, but no mood or money cheats. CC as you please.   

Here’s Where It Gets Hard

Due to the Off-the-Grid lot trait, most your electronics, etc will not function.  EA helped a little by labelling some items in Build/Buy mode that function off the grid.  

You may only purchase items that function Off-theGrid.  If you need help/suggestions, there is a growing guide/list here, for Off The Grid Living.   ( )  If you’re feeling REALLY hard core, you can use the crafting bench to craft your own furniture.  

You may only make money in non-traditional ways.   Harvesting crops, selling collectables, crafting items, painting, doing Odd Jobs, Gardening and Fishing careers.  I personally would AVOID any careers that require technology/electronics, unless you intend to spend a lot of time at the Library.  

You may travel to other lots to fulfill needs you can’t do without electronics (like the Practice Typing or Keyboard Commander options for the Rambunctious Scamp child aspiration).  

Spouses and Heirs

If a Spouse has a job/career that will be difficult to advance in while Living Off the Grid (basically anything that requires technology), they should quit them.   You are NOT required to, however, it will make the challenge harder if you are constantly on other lots. Instead, Spouses should join the family willing to work towards the ultimate goal of Living Off the Land.  

Children and Heirs should have randomized traits.  You can use the new in-game randomizer, or any Sims 4 Randomizer site.  I have always been partial to this one:

You may use any method of selecting an heir you wish, just so long as you have one.   Spares may stay on the lot as long as you wish, but must follow the Off-the-Grid rules until they move out. 

How Long Can Your Family Survive?

I’ll be honest, I don’t know how easy carrying a Legacy on an off-the-grid will be.  So I’ve devised a plan to break things up, into an ‘easy-ish’ mid-level and standard legacy.  So for this challenge, you may choose to do one of three lengths: Half, Mid-Range or Full.

  • Half – a 5-generation Legacy.  
  • Mid-Range – a 7-generation legacy
  • Full – (you guessed it) all 10-generations.   


No points.  If you make it without the modern conveniences or cheats, you are awesome!

Useful MODs/CC

You know how EA is.  They always screw something up.  If I find MODS or CC that helps make things better, I’ll post them here.

Replace Water Off-Grid Mod

If you decide to try this challenge, drop a link in the comments to you blog/forum thread/youtube channel or wherever you’re sharing it, and I’ll make a list, so people can view it 🙂

If you find more useful mods or CC that makes living Off-The-Grid more enjoyable/realistic/whatever, point them out to me, and I’ll add them, too.

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