Saxim Alien Invasion

Adam Saxim, founder

Yes, You guessed it! It’s a legacy! But not just any old leagcy… an alien invasion legacy.

This is Adam Saxim… well, that’s what he’s calling himself for now.  He’s really Prince Adhil, heir to the royal throne of Sixam XII.  Where’s Sixam XII, you ask?

It’s in a galaxy far, far away, but that’s not really important at the moment.   You see?  Sixam XII was destroyed recently, when the planet’s molten core erupted, destroying all life on the planet.  It had been sudden, no slow build up of temperatures in which the scientists had time to warn people and make plans.

That would have been nice, but no.  It wasn’t until after the first eruption that the scientists knew it wasn’t just a new volcano forming.  It wasn’t until the third that they realized they couldn’t stop it.  And not til the fifth before they’d located a planet with an atmosphere comparable to their own.   It was so far away, too.

Adhil’s parents, the king and queen, worked tirelessly to ensure that everyone else got on board the escape pods which would take them to this new planet.   SimEarth.   They would never reach their own pod.   Neither did Adhil’s sister or her family.  His niece and nephew.  His long-time betrothed, Alaria, either.

When the pod took off, he was the only one left of the royal family.

And then the pod burnt up upon entering the atmosphere of SimEarth, leaving Adhil with no way to contact the other pods.  No way of knowing who actually made it out alive.

His mission now is to locate his people, set up a community, make a life for themselves.


Generation 1 


Family Tree