Slutty Don

SluttyDonBan Disclaimers:  Yes, the title of this ‘challenge’ is unorthodox and un-pc.  It’s just a fun little  game of ‘let’s torture Don’ created by some friends (myself included) and isn’t hurting anyone  but the pixels.

1. Everyone begins with Slutty Don. (aka Don Lothario. He is located in Riverview in the Sims 3)
2. See how many women he can knock up before he dies.
3. When Don reaches elder choose a son to carry on the Lothario name and have Don teach him   everything he knows.

Really? That’s all there is. Have Don attempt to procreate with as made women as you can. And     then share his adventures. *g*

In the space below, I’ll be posting links to Don’s children for downloads, updates on his progress.


The Story Tag:  It is ordered chronologically, so start reading at the top and work your way down.  *g*

Below is the list of Don’s conquests and their children.  Click linked names to download .sim version.  All will be YA.

Conquests Children
 Gabrielle Nolan  Dylan Lothario
 Hannah Jones  Garrett Jones
 Shirley Lin
 Rhoda Bagley  Carlton Bagley
 Susie Broke  Alonzo Broke
 Noelle St. James  Danya
 Karima Stockton  Markus Stockton
 Constance Shelley  Shavon
 Elaine Wilson  Dequan Wilson
 Anita Lobos  Moshe Lobos
 Corey Elwin  Tyson Elwin
 Ceres Beaker  Celestia Lothario
Lucas Beaker
Melody Beaker
 Cindy Wheeler  Doug Wheeler
Noemi Wheeler
 Carlotta (Lobos) Paige  Malia Paige

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