The Handy Family Builds Newcrest

So, I’ve done this challenge once before, but got bogged down in blogging the story, and then gave up playing it because I played further than I blogged and couldn’t remember where the story left off.

So when I decided to try my hand at it again, I decided not to blog, just play… and what do you know?  I finished it.  Only took me 5 or 6 months but I did it!

First up…. what is the Build Newcrest Challenge?  It is a 10-generation Legacy style challenge in which Simmers attempt to both build up and populate the empty world of Newcrest, with various rules and goals for each generation.  Every heir gets a different aspiration, career and lot/building goal to complete before they can move on.

If you’re interested, the rules are here.  I did not create this challenge, but I did enjoy playing it, because it challenged me as a game player and as a builder.

Sims 4 Screenshot 2019.05.19 -
As a reminder, this is what Newcrest looked like before I started.  Empty.  Boring, but has a lot of potential.

I started with a sim by the name of Tess Handy.

Tess is the daughter of Jack Handy and Bobi Builder.  Jack & Bobi are two sims I keep around ina Build Save.  They test out my houses to make sure they are functional.

The Handy-Builder Family.   Jack, Bobi and Tess (as a child) You can download them from the Gallery.

Of course, for this challenge, I aged Tess up and moved her into her own save.

In the links below, I will be sharing all each generation’s accomplished lots and downloads.   All of them can be found on the Gallery under my id: chillyzgrrl or the hashtags #buildnewcrest or #handyfamily

Generation 1 – Tess Handy

Generation 2 – Maia Handy-Joyson

Generation 3 – Fahari Handy-Goth

Generation 4 – Corina Handy Yassine

Generation 5 – Jamila Handy-Raghaven

Generation 6 – Hannah Handy-Kay

Generattion 7 – Hannah Handy-Kay

Generation 8 – Raelyn Handy-Sigworth

Generation 9 – Kennedi Handy-Sigworth

Generation 10 – Kristina Handy-Vatore

Sims 4 Screenshot 2019.05.19 -
This is what my finished Newcrest looks like.  So much different, isn’t it?

In addition to these lots, I built extra lots. Most of them were temporary houses that the family lived in while I played out the challenge.

Additional ‘Challenge’ Lots

I hope you enjoy these, even without a blogged story. I had fun doing it!