The Phoenix Drifters

I’ve decided to try my hand at the Drifter Challenge. Again. Because I paused my previous game in House 5 to test out a new EP and forgot where I left off, basically.

The Drifter Challenge is a challenge that could either be long or short, depending on your take on it. It’s a 24-series of mini-challenges, and you can do all of them, or you can do just the ones you want.

Feel free to check it out, at the official website.

The basic idea, though, is that you start in a world where Oasis Springs and Wilow Creek are both completely emptied out and each mini-challenge has a goal to rebuild it, lot by lot.

The only thing left is one restaurant in Oasis Springs.

Oasis Springs and Willow Creek at the start of the Challenge.
Alisa Phoenix – our Drifter
Aspiration – Outdoor Enthusiast
Traits – Foodie, Active and Slob

Follow Alisa and her heirs on their journey to rebuild Oasis Springs and Willow Creek.

House 1

House 2