Underhill Random Legacy

So yeah… new project for me here.  This is going to be a cross between a blogged story and a Let’s Play legacy.  I’m going to blogging most of it, but every five blog posts, I’m going to do a Let’s Play, and let my reader’s decide what I’m going to be Let’s Playing about that round.  Could be a house make over, could be finding a new spouse… or something we vote on prior to the Let’s Play.

This page is where I’ll be keeping track of my stats, family tree, generational rolls, etc.


For those of you unfamilar with a Random Legacy, it is a typical 10-generation, no cheating legacy where everything is randomized for each generation.  So every new generation will have a different set of goals and a different flavor.

Succession Laws:  For this particular Legacy, I will be following the laws of Equality, Modern and Democracy… which means the heir/heiress can be male or female, adopted or blood relation and my readers/audience get to decide on who it is.

 Founder:  Barry Underhill


Barry’s Traits are Alluring, Hot-headed, Perfectionist and Romantic and his Aspiration is to be a Serial Romantic.


Generation 1 Roll:



This means that Barry has to be something of a loser father, but his women to be even more so, because they have to skedaddle after giving birth to their share of his 4 children.  To make things even more interesting, his job isn’t going to pay much.  Like, at all.

Barry’s Women:  Arlene Grimm, Clare Morin, Joelle Merritt, Ericka Vigil

Barry’s Children:  Emma, Milo, Christie, Carter & Katrina

Family Tree (by end of Gen 1):

Blogged Chapters:

Chapter 1-1, 1-2, 1-3, 1-4

Let’s Plays:

Continue the story with Gen 2

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