Drifter Challenge – House 3, Ch. 13

Hot Dog Day is always exciting, but this year, we’re all filled with the excitement of the next day, too. Our big vacation to Sulani. We fish, and have water balloon fights… swim in the pool. And all the while, dreaming of the beaches and blue waters to come.

The day before we left, the Cowplant died. I’m not sure why, as we had all been feeding it Maybe old age this time? Who knows. All I do know is that I had all the Essence I needed and no longer wanted the hassle of worrying over who was going to get eaten and if they would survive. So it wasn’t much of a loss.

This vacation was a dream come true for both myself and for Blue, and it was also the celebration of our love for one another. I cannot begin to tell you how wonderful it truly was. The sun was warm and wonderful. We had bonfires and swam in the ocean… built sand sculptures and searched for shells and other buries treasures. And went deep sea fishing. I even learned how to snorkel. It was such an amazing time!

We returned how to discover that the cow plant was back! I have no clue how it happened and I am not entirely happy about it, but the danged plant was back!

Another ‘thing’ that is back since our return, or maybe I should say never left, is the issue we’ve been having with the vampires.

I had been studying up on them more, working hard to see which spells would effect them in different ways. All I really wanted to was make Lillith leave us alone. I turned her into a bunny instead. /chuckle/ It’s better than turning me into a fruit bowl, and just look at the look on her face!

After the spell wore off, the vampire fled and we didn’t see her again. I was quite proud of myself for that, let me tell you!

Following my triumph over the vampires (at least for now, you know they will back someday), I decide to head to the Magic Realm to complete my magical studies and receive the ultimate gifts, bestowed only by the Sages. When it was done, I had the ability to grant others the Rite of Ascension.

Which is perfect because although Delia has strong bloodlines through me, actual ancient bloodlines, as I was told by the Sages, she was not born a natural spellcaster.

She asks me to give her the Rite, because she says she is sure she is going to need it where she is going.

It’s then that I know, she’s already had her Vision, already accepted the fate and mission of our family.

I had to know it was coming. Their birthdays were approaching soon enough, as both of my children were teenagers now, and had been since before Hot Dog Day and our relaxing trip to Sulani.

Of course, I grant her the Rite and teach her a little about the Magic Realm. But I tell her not to worry about it now… for now, I just want my daughter to have fun being a teenager.

Which is hard for her, honestly, because Delia is such a serious and logical child most of the time. But she does love to dance, and I can sometimes find her in the garage, dancing along with her mother when they are supposed to be emptying the dryer or some such nonsense. These are moments I will cherish forever in my heart, because they are fleeting.

The same with this — another trip to the park for skating and fun. We see a random ghost on a bicycle. Will wonders never cease?

Then it is time for the birthdays. First comes Elias, my Celestial son. He looks like me in a lot of ways, except for being purple and having pointy ears.

Then comes Delia….

After her birthday party, Delia tells us her vision… to go to Willow Creek and pick up where my mother left off there. My sister still loves there, in the family home, so I do not worry about her being alone so much… but there is one thing that we all worry about…

… right now, it’s winter, and where winter in Oasis Springs is not so bad, it can be brutal in Willow Creek. I worry about her starting out with nothing in that frozen land.